For Parents

Is your student getting his/her fair share of attention when it comes to college applications? College Pursuits gives you and your student thoughtful and personalized attention.

My approach

For me it’s all about a personalized approach, minimizing stress and maximizing the student’s strengths. What are my goals throughout this process?

  • Amplify your student’s achievements in their college application
  • Provide access to my expert tips to success
  • Find the right fit academically, financially and socially for your entire family

Let’s uncover your options together. Please email me for a free consultation.


How long will the process take?
It varies based on the package you select, in combination with your needs. See my services page for more information about packages or hourly consultations. Scheduling depends on the availability of yourself, your student, and myself.

When do we start the process?
It’s preferable to start the process with rising sophomores in high school but welcome everyone from freshmen to seniors.

What is “the right fit?”
For your student and for your family, it’s about finding a balance between finance, academics and social life on campus. According to the U.S. Department of education, students only receive 38 minutes of personal advising in public schools, and only 4 in 10 report receiving college information from school guidance counselors. That’s why over 26% of high achieving high school seniors report hiring a private college consultant (Independent Education Consultants Association).