For Students

When we meet, it’s all about the conversation. What do you like? What are your goals? Any hesitations? Let’s work together to find the best plan of action, and in turn, find the right college for you!

My approach:

  • Lessen your college application stress
  • Each student I work with receives a comprehensive, step-by-step process. We’ll tackle everything you need together, in the timeframe you need it.
  • I also loop in your parents when necessary. They want to ensure your happiness for the next four years, in a place that fits who you are.
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FAQ’s (students)

What is the “right fit?”
It’s the college that meets all your needs, academically, financially and socially. It’s a place that resonates with your story, and wants you because of who you are. When you step foot on campus, you feel comfortable enough to spend the next four years there.

What is the college admissions process?
It’s different for everyone, so we need to create a plan together. After we discuss your goals, I help with everything from your essay, to pinpointing colleges that would be right for you, from how to make the most of a college visit, to practicing for an admissions interview, and completing the application itself. Applying for college is about telling your story – academics, personal life, passions, and successes.

How do I stand out in the college process/how do I seem unique?
That’s what we’re here to pinpoint together. You do amazing things every day, but you might not know it.